Chef Dazoré  Bradford

Nice to meet you!

Cooking the Details started off as a dream. Okay really as a series of phone conversations with dream-like ramblings of " food... cooking... one day...". May 28th, 2019 remains a special day in my life when I decided to take a chance on myself and share my food with those around me.

Food is healing and the process is therapeutic. When we create food there is energy transferred from one person to another which is one of the highest acts of love. 

Enter stage right: Cooking the Details! As a personal chef, I offer meal prep, cooking lessons, and private events. The difference in anything being "good vs absolutely-amazing-life-changing-delicious-can-never-go-back" is all in the details. From presentation to sincere customer service, our clients quickly realize how  Cooking the Details is different. It's not my event, it's yours. I am committed to creating possibilities for a memorable occasion. Give me an onion and I'll show you some things.

I get really hot n' heavy about food justice, my two chihuahuas (Bjorn and Lagertha), and a good meal that doesn't require me washing dishes after. 

Welcome to Cooking the Details and I look forward to cooking for you soon. || (214) 865-8116

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