Chef Dazoré  Bradford

Nice to meet you!

Cooking the Details started off as a dream. Okay really as a series of phone conversations with dream-like ramblings of " food... cooking... one day...". May 28th, 2019 remains a special day in my life when I decided to take a chance on myself and share my food with everyone.

Food is healing. The process is therapeutic. I also believe that when we create food there is energy transferred from one person to another which is one of the highest acts of love. 

Enter stage right: Cooking the Details! As a personal chef, I offer meal prep and cooking lessons. I noticed how hard everyone works in their careers, family, and life but when it came to eating healthy meals things seemed to fall short. I also noticed that somehow in busy our busy society we've lost touch with cooking food. Give me an onion and I'll show you some things.

I get really hot n' heavy about food justice, my two chihuahuas (Bjorn and Lagertha), and good meal that doesn't require me washing dishes after. 

Welcome to Cooking the Details and I look forward to cooking for you soon. || (214) 865-8116

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Meal Prep | Cooking the Details | Dallas, Texas