Let's Talk Details.

To Anyone Who Enjoys Good Food But Ain't Got the Time.

You're busy right?

There never seems to be enough hours in the day and you're constantly moving from one place to the next. When do you have time to grocery shop AND cook your meals?

Let's be honest... even if you cook... who is cleaning that kitchen?!

Enter stage right...  your personal chef, Dazoré!                                

Cooking the Details originated from the simple idea that no matter where you live and who you are everyone deserves food that is soo good it makes you do a little happy dance.  I know we haven't met (yet) but I bet you have busy days doing this and that for other people. Take a moment and treat yo' self. As your (future) personal chef, let me treat you and take something off of your plate by fixing you one.

We both know eating out can be expensive and kind of bleh after awhile.

Don't Worry. I got you. ❤ 


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